KLT  The Rock Station and bring you Lick The Plate with host, David Boylan who has interviewed over 300 chefs, restaurateurs, growers, brewers and culinary personalities over the past 5 years!
Lick the Plate’s unique format endeavors for the radio audience to get to know the culinary talent behind their favorite restaurants in Northern Michigan.
Besides their culinary background and experience, guests share the road to their current position, music memories and dream concert lineup, where they eat and drink around town, last supper and an in-depth look at their current menu or business. This has proven to be popular with both the culinary community and foodies alike.
David Boylan’s conversational interview style puts his guests at ease and elicits stories that listeners eat up. Besides the top culinary talent in San Diego and Detroit, he has interviewed the Mayor of San Diego, musicians, and other notable personalities who have a culinary stories to tell.

Here is a personal message from David Boylan!

“Hey KLT Foodies it’s David Boylan host of the food and music feature called Lick the Plate on KLT The Rock Station and

This week I’m in hanging at Center Point Marina with Two Brothers Sailing Adventures aboard the Miss Alexandra with captain Dave MacVean. This beautiful thirty seven foot o day  sailboat is available for private and semi private charters on the bay. I’m talking food, restaurants, music and sailing with Two Brothers Sailing Adventures   all week on Lick the Plate.”

Listen anytime at or on-air Monday through Friday at 6:10 and 10:40pm on KLT The Rock Station.”  

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