Terri Ray


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Writing your own bio is weird. When I was told that I needed to write a bio for the January News Letter I sat down and stared at a blank piece of paper. I googled “How to write your bio” Here’s the advice I found: 1) Begin writing your bio with your first and last name. 2) State your current position and what you do. 3) Include at least one professional accomplishment. 4) Briefly tell your readers who you are outside of work. 5) Consider adding humor or a personal story to add flavor to your professional bio. 6) Write in the third person.

Most of that seems to make sense… I’m not so sure about the writing in third person thing, but here goes:

Terri Ray (that’s me) knew that she wanted to be a radio D.J. since Junior High School. She had a Mass Media class that did a segment on radio, the class had to break into groups and create radio shows and perform them for the rest of the class. Terri Ray thought it was the coolest school project ever. When she got to high school, she immediately signed up for the radio broadcasting program. Waterford Kettering High School had its own radio station WTSD, which stood for Waterford Township School District. Several students referred to the call letters as WSTD which stood for something completely different. After high school Terri studied radio at several different colleges before graduating from Specs Howard School of Broadcasting. While attending broadcasting school Terri worked at WSDS Suds Country Radio in Ypsilanti as well as at Pine Knob Music theatre where she sold t-shirts at concerts during the summer. Upon graduation Terri sent out tapes, that’s radio lingo for recordings of her reading fake commercials and doing D.J. stuff. The first radio station that asked Terri to come in for an interview was WKLT in Kalkaska. Spoiler Alert, she got the job.

January 2nd, 1984 was Terri Rays 1st day on the air at WKLT. Day one didn’t go incredibly well. Terri was thrown into the afternoon drive program and was asked to cue up a record (it was the ‘80’s there were no c.d.’s and there was no internet) Terri was asked to cue up the number one song for the Top 5 at 5, a feature that played back the 5 most requested songs of that day. The number one song on January 2nd, 1984 was “Sweetheart like You” by Bob Dylan. Terri Ray will never forget that. Mostly because she accidentally cued up the wrong song. She turned on the microphone and introduced “Sweetheart like You” however a song called “Neighborhood Bully” began to play. Chuck Poet, the man who hired Terri, rushed into the studio and picked the needle up off the record and plopped it down onto the correct song. Terri Ray thought that her first day on the radio was going to be her last. 2nd Spoiler Alert, she kept the job.

For those of you that are still reading this, thank you. 2019 minus 1984 equals 35. That’s how many years Terri Ray has worked at KLT. As you can imagine Terri has had a lot of crazy adventures over the years. Here are just a couple quick examples; Terri along with some radio station winners attended the Grammy Awards Show at Madison Square Gardens (Ellen hosted that year, it was epic) Terri was invited to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on it’s opening weekend, Meatloaf took her on a guided tour ( there were 50 or so others in the group, so it wasn’t just her, he was sweaty, but it was cool) On another occasion Terri attended the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame induction Ceremony in Cleveland on the very night that Metallica and the Beastie Boys were being inducted (she and another staff member drove to Cleveland on the day of the event, it was a long day and night, they took a nap at the hotel before the event and accidentally slept through most of the ceremony)… (oops)

Terri Ray has way too many stories from the last 35 years, she should write a book. But for now, she would like to thank you for listening and hopes you’ll tune in for her next 35 years.