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Jumpstart your mornings with the dynamic duo, Omelette & Finster, on WKLT from 5:30am to 10:00am every weekday! Dive into the world of sports with the Daily Sports Report, get ahead of the curve with the essential ‘5 Things You Need To Know’, groove to your favorite tracks with Omelette’s Instant Requests, and gear up for the weekend’s games with Sebastian Sports on Fridays.

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a trivia buff, or just looking for some great tunes, Omelette & Finster have got you covered. It’s the perfect blend of entertainment, news, and music to kick off your day!

Tune into KLT The Rock Station weekdays from 10 AM to 2 PM and let Terri Ray, a radio veteran since 1984, take you on a musical journey. With her signature segment “Lunch at the Leetsville Cafe” at noon and her dedication to local talent showcased in “KLT’s Garage” on Sundays at 9 PM, Terri’s love for music and the Northern Michigan community shines through. Whether she’s spinning the latest hits, hiking with her dog Sven, or playing pickleball, Terri’s genuine connection with listeners has made her a cornerstone of KLT for nearly four decades. Don’t miss the charm and charisma that is Terri Ray!

Join Dean Berry on KLT Radio every weekday from 2pm-7pm for an electrifying afternoon filled with music and interactive segments. Whether you’re requesting your favorite song during “The Work Release”, deciding if a new track is a “Smash or Trash”, or testing your news knowledge with “The 4@4:04”, Dean ensures every moment is engaging. With his charismatic presence and passion for tunes, Dean Berry’s show is the perfect soundtrack for your afternoon. Don’t miss the fun!

Tune into KLT Radio evenings from 7 pm to midnight and dive into the enigmatic world of Derek “Squatch”. With an eclectic mix of rock music, exclusive interviews, and a dash of mystery, Squatch keeps evenings lively and listeners hooked. His unique approach to broadcasting has not only won him multiple awards but also the hearts of many. Whether it’s the latest in rock or a spontaneous giveaway, with Squatch, every show is an adventure. Don’t just listen to music; experience the thrill of the unpredictable with KLT’s Weekend Show with Squatch.

Upcoming Michigan Concerts: