Meet Mickey!

🐾 ID: 50217941
🐶 Breed: Terrier, American Staffordshire/Mix
🎂 Age: 6 years 11 months
🚺 Gender: Male
🏠 Size: Large
🎨 Color: Black

🎶 Hey, I’m Mickey!
As fine as the song suggests, I’m Mickey, thrilled to meet my forever family after a year at CHS. Let’s make memories together!

🏡 A Bittersweet History:
Despite a loving home for six years, life took a turn and I’m now seeking a fresh start. My heart longs for a cozy haven to call my own.

😊 Friendly Spirit:
While new friends are easy to make, my initial shyness calls for a gentle introduction. With proper intros, I can potentially bond with doggy pals, but cats are a no-go.

🎾 Playful at Heart:
Playtime ignites my joy, especially fetching and reigning as the tug-o’-war champion. Yet, I also cherish relaxed moments, keeping the couch warm for you.

🛋️ Your Warm Companion:
Whether cuddling or seeking space, I’m adaptable. A couch is my kingdom, and I promise to fill it with warmth and love.

🏡 Urgent Plea:
I’m a shelter favorite, but prolonged stay isn’t ideal. I long for a home with no small children, where I can bask in comfort and joy. If you’re considering, this is your sign.

🐕‍🦺 Let’s Connect:
Ready to transform Mickey’s world and yours? Reach out to the Cherryland Humane Society at (231) 946-5116 or [Email Address] to make a difference.

📍 Location: Visit me in the Dog Housing area, where we can start a heartwarming journey together.

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🐶 Note: By adopting Mickey, you provide comfort and joy to his deserving heart while supporting Cherryland Humane Society’s vital work. Let’s create a brighter future together! 🐾❤️