Paul Lamb and The Detroit Breakdown, a dynamic three-piece band from Detroit, Michigan, will be the musical guests this week on KLT’s Garage. This band, with its invigorating sound that blends blues, rock, and funk, is sure to get your Sunday evening grooving.

Hailing from the musical hotbed of Detroit, the band’s diverse sound reflects the rich musical heritage of their hometown. Their music incorporates a spectrum of genres into one blues-rock-funk package, making their sound uniquely theirs. This can be particularly experienced in their album “Ready, Aim, Fire”, which is an enjoyable collection that grooves, moves, and rocks in equal measure​.

Lead member Paul Lamb is heavily influenced by blues, rock ‘n’ roll, and funk music. He emphasizes the funk in their music, drawing from old James Brown tricks and creating a funky groove that’s distinctively their own​. Despite being a three-piece band, they make a lot of noise, with a bit of Motown influence thrown in for good measure​.

Their album “Ready, Aim, Fire” was put together amidst a busy touring schedule, and features a host of guest musicians adding their unique flair to the tracks. This gives the album a strong positive energy that is sure to get listeners moving​. Lamb’s songwriting, influenced by his listening habits, has a strong funk influence, particularly evident in their latest album​​.

The band is dedicated to their craft, spending time on the road and working diligently on their songs. Lamb likes to go into an album with about upwards of 30 songs, and then whittling them down to the best tracks, making each record a rollercoaster of feeling​​. They often record live, creating a vibe that resonates with listeners​​.

Gear up for an exciting Sunday evening with KLT’s Garage hosted by Terri Ray, as Paul Lamb and The Detroit Breakdown promise to deliver a performance that is as electrifying as it is eclectic. Tune in at 9 pm to catch them live and experience the unique blend of blues, rock, and funk that they’re known for.