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Meet Terri Ray

With a passion for radio and a deep connection to the Northern Michigan community, Terri Ray has been an integral part of KLT The Rock Station since 1984. Over the years, Terri has held various time slots, but for the last 35 years, she has been hosting middays, including the popular "Lunch at the Leetsville Cafe" every weekday at noon. Terri also showcases local talent through "KLT's Garage" on Sunday nights and serves as Program Director, handling multiple responsibilities behind the scenes.

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Meet Sean Finster

Sean “Finster” Finnegan has been a versatile and energetic presence in the world of radio for over two decades. With a rich history of experiences spanning from coast to coast, Finster has become a beloved fixture on KLT The Rock Station in Northern Michigan. Let’s take a closer look at Finster’s journey through music, broadcasting, and his passion for bringing laughter to his listeners every morning.

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Meet Dean Berry

Dean Berry is a charismatic and dynamic radio host at KLT, entertaining listeners during the afternoon segment from 2pm-7pm on weekdays. With a genuine passion for music and engaging conversations, Dean has become a beloved figure among KLT's audience. His show features "The Work Release" segment, which airs every weekday at 5pm, "Smash or Trash" as Dean plays a new song from one of KLT's core artists, and "The 4@4:04" where Dean runs down the top stories of the day, including a fake one.

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Meet Squatch

Derek "Squatch" has been captivating KLT listeners with his enigmatic personality and engaging shows during the evening slot, from 7 pm to midnight. A true man of mystery, Squatch has a knack for keeping the weekends exciting and fun, keeping his audience on their toes as they eagerly anticipate his next move. Squatch is the recent recipient of multiple broadcast awards for his on-air personality, something you genuinely cannot miss.

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