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Win a Gift Card to Nature's Choice Glassworks

Winners of the "My Tunes" contest not only have their playlists aired on KLT Radio but also receive a $25 gift card to Nature's Choice Glassworks, the proud sponsor of the "My Tunes" segment. Discover a wide range of smoking glass, quality oils, AG supplies, vape juices, pipes, premium cigars, apparel, incense, disc golf equipment, and more at Nature's Choice Glassworks, located at the south end of town in Kalkaska Plaza.

Experience KLT Radio's Engaging "My Tunes" Weekly Contest

Welcome to KLT Radio's "My Tunes" weekly contest, where listeners have the opportunity to share their personally curated music playlists and win fantastic prizes. Each week, two lucky winners will have their hour-long playlists aired at 12 pm on Saturday or Sunday. To enter the contest, simply fill out the entry form, and cross your fingers!


This Week's Winners:

Tom Crowe: From East Jordan, Tom will air his playlist for you this Saturday (6/3) at 12pm!

Barbara Assendelft: From Traverse City, Barbara will air her playlist for you this Sunday (6/4) at 12pm!

Last Week's Winners:

Leo Hammond: From Boyne City, Leo Hammond aired his playlist for you last Saturday (5/27) at 12pm!

Marty Smith: From Petrosky, Marty Smith aired his playlist for you last Sunday (5/28) at 12pm!

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