Meet Dean Berry! Weekdays from 2pm-7pm only on KLT Radio.

Dean Berry is a charismatic and dynamic radio host at KLT, entertaining listeners during the afternoon segment from 2pm-7pm on weekdays. With a genuine passion for music and engaging conversations, Dean has become a beloved figure among KLT’s audience.

The Work Release

His show features “The Work Release” segment, which airs every weekday at 5pm. Listeners are encouraged to call in and make song requests for their drive home, creating a fun and interactive atmosphere. Just dial 231-941-WKLT (9558) to get your favorite tunes on the air, and thanks to Culvers for sponsoring this segment!

Smash Or Trash

Every Thursday at 6:20pm, tune in for “Smash or Trash” as Dean plays a new song from one of KLT’s core artists, asking listeners whether it’s a “Smash Hit” or if it should be “Trashed.” The 5th caller with the right answer wins a prize, all thanks to the segment’s sponsor, The Chateau At Black Mountain.

The 4 @ 4:04

Don’t miss out on “The 4@4:04” where Dean runs down the top stories of the day, including a fake one. If you can spot the fake story, you have a chance to win an awesome prize! This exciting segment is brought to you by Bell Title CompanyThe Lighthouse Restaurant (Mackinaw City, MI), International Sports Bar (Rogers City, MI), Lorenzo’s Pizza Parlor (Onaway, MI), and Ball Tire (Alpena, MI).