Jack Pine Band Gears Up for a Thrilling Performance on KLT’s Garage

The vibrant musical landscape of Michigan is about to be electrified by the energetic performance of a homegrown sensation, the “Jack Pine Band.” This dynamic trio, comprised of Miles Prendergast, Ryan McGee, and Andrew Thomas, will showcase their melodic brilliance on the renowned radio segment “KLT’s Garage,” hosted by the ever-enthusiastic Terri Ray.

Miles Prendergast

The group’s charismatic frontman brings an eclectic blend of influences into the band’s music. His journey into the musical world began in his family basement, where he discovered his mother’s guitar. This instrument would be his gateway into the realms of Jack Johnson’s rhythmic beachside tunes and the powerful performances of the Dave Matthews Band. An outdoor enthusiast, Miles has a knack for incorporating his love for nature and personal experiences into his songwriting, resonating deeply with listeners.

Ryan McGee

A key component of the Jack Pine Band’s unique sound comes from the powerful beats served up by Ryan McGee. A drummer with a passion for music that traces back to his 4th-grade summer vacation, Ryan’s musical prowess has been honed over years of performing across Northern Michigan. He injects energy into each song, drawing inspiration from renowned drummers like John Bonham, Nate Smith, and Adam Deitch. A fervent admirer of funk and rock, Ryan’s drumming techniques are as versatile as his record collection, spanning from the soulful beats of Anderson.Paak to the edgy rhythms of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas, the band’s melodious guitarist, and vocalist, traces his musical roots back to his teenage years. Fascinated by classic rock and Christian rock bands, Andrew carved his path in music, inspired by guitar legends such as David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. A storyteller at heart, his affinity for story-driven songwriting grew while playing with his first professional band, Tuesday Radio, and has shaped the narrative nature of Jack Pine Band’s music.

John Ransom

John Ransom is Completing the Jack Pine Band ensemble, whose smooth basslines and vocals complement the band’s unique sound. With his love for music sparked by childhood explorations of his parent’s vinyl collection, featuring Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and R.E.M., John honed his bass playing skills alongside bandmate Andrew Thomas during high school. This partnership resulted in numerous creative endeavors, including winning their school talent show. After high school, John continued to expand his musical repertoire by forming a band performing classic and indie rock covers around Traverse City. Despite being influenced by a wide array of artists, from Norah Jones to Dr. Dre, the most profound impacts on his bass-playing style can be attributed to John Paul Jones, Roger Waters, and John Entwistle. When he’s not creating music, John indulges in his passion for painting and gardening and enjoys exploring Northern Michigan’s picturesque woods and shorelines.

Together, this talented trio fuses their styles to create a captivating blend of music. The Jack Pine Band produces a symphony of engaging music From Miles’s warm vocals and compelling songwriting, Ryan’s robust and diverse beats, and Andrew’s melodious guitar tunes and powerful vocals. Their performances are a testament to their passion for music and drive to deliver a captivating experience to their audience.

Jack Pine Band On KLT’s Garage

The Jack Pine Band’s upcoming performance on “KLT’s Garage” is bound to leave audiences in awe. Airing on KLT: The Rock Station, the show offers a platform for local talents to showcase their musical abilities. The Jack Pine Band’s appearance is eagerly awaited by fans who have followed their journey so far, with their performance promising to be a captivating blend of their best tunes and a taste of what’s to come.

Show Sponsored By 258 Tire:

The band’s appearance on the show, sponsored by the local Michigan tire and auto company, 258 Tire, is more than just a performance – it’s an affirmation of the homegrown talents in the area. The Jack Pine Band represents the vibrancy of Michigan’s music scene, and their upcoming radio appearance is a testament to their exceptional talent and the promising future that lies ahead for them.

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Don’t miss the chance to tune into “KLT’s Garage” at 9 pm on Sunday nights. The exciting blend of music, interviews, and live performances will entertain listeners, and the Jack Pine Band’s upcoming performance is undoubtedly one you won’t want to miss!