Prepare for a vibrant and soulful musical treat as KLT’s Garage proudly presents Laura Rain and the Caesars on Sunday night, May 14th, at 9 pm. This electrifying Detroit-based band has captivated audiences with its unique blend of funky soul, R&B, and blues, showcasing Motor City’s rich musical legacy.

Introducing Laura Rain and the Caesars

Laura Rain and the Caesars are a dynamic and powerful ensemble from Detroit, fronted by the incredibly talented Laura Rain. Alongside her creative partner George Friend, the duo has released four albums that feature an eclectic mix of ’60s organ jazz, lowdown blues, dance music, old-school R&B, and soul. Their authentic sound has earned them a prestigious Detroit Music Award for “Outstanding Blues Songwriters” and has taken them on tours across the US, Canada, and Europe. Laura Rain’s passionate and soulful voice draws inspiration from the city’s rich musical history, reimagining the R&B, gospel, blues, and soul that Detroit is famous for.

What to Expect from Their Performance on KLT’s Garage

During their appearance on KLT’s Garage, Laura Rain and the Caesars will be sharing their infectious sound, featuring a mix of their popular hits and new music from their upcoming releases. This exhilarating performance will leave you craving more of their unique, soulful tunes.

Don’t Miss Out: Sunday, May 14th at 9 pm on KLT’s Garage:

Mark your calendar and prepare for an unforgettable night of music with Laura Rain and the Caesars on KLT’s Garage Sunday, May 14th at 9 pm. You won’t want to miss this fantastic live music event showcasing the incredible talents of Detroit’s own Laura Rain and the Caesars!
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