Sean “Finster” Finnegan has been a versatile and energetic presence in the world of radio for over two decades. With a rich history of experiences spanning from coast to coast, Finster has become a beloved fixture on KLT The Rock Station in Northern Michigan. Let’s take a closer look at Finster’s journey through music, broadcasting, and his passion for bringing laughter to his listeners every morning.

Early Years and Musical Ambitions

Finster was born and raised in Connecticut, where he spent his youth developing a love for music. In 1991, at the age of 21, he moved to Hollywood, California, with his band “XLR8” to chase their dreams of taking over the world. Unfortunately, after five years, Finster found himself back in Connecticut working in construction.

A Life-Changing Decision and Radio Career:

A workplace injury led Finster to make a life-changing decision: he relocated to West Palm Beach, Florida. Serendipitously, he heard a radio commercial for The Connecticut School of Broadcasting’s newest location in West Palm Beach just as he was driving by. It seemed like destiny, and Finster decided to pursue a career in radio.

After graduating from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 1999, Finster began his radio career as an unpaid intern for the “Mo & Sally Morning Show” while also working as a DJ in a strip club. Eventually, he moved back to Connecticut and joined WRKI I-95, where he met Omelette, the morning show host. This meeting would prove to be pivotal in Finster’s career.

Finding Success and Laughter in Northern Michigan:

In 2007, Omelette reached out to Finster with an opportunity to do morning radio in Traverse City, Michigan. Without hesitation, Finster packed up his life and moved to Michigan, starting a new chapter in his career with “Omelette & Finster.” Despite facing some challenges, the duo persevered and found success, now waking up Northern Michigan with information and laughter for over 15 years.

Radio Experience and Dedication to Broadcasting:

Finster’s dedication to broadcasting is evident in his extensive experience. After starting at The MIX 102.3 in West Palm Beach, Florida, he moved on to WRKI in Brookfield, Connecticut. Finally, in 2007, he joined WKLT The Rock Station in Traverse City, Michigan, where he has remained a popular DJ, providing entertainment to countless listeners.

A Passion for Music:

When asked about his favorite song, Finster humorously mentions “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, due to its length, allowing for fewer repetitive listens. However, his true favorite is Van Halen’s “Mean Street,” showcasing his deep-rooted love for music.


Sean “Finster” Finnegan’s journey through music and radio broadcasting demonstrates his unwavering dedication to entertaining and connecting with his audience. With a mix of humor, passion, and a genuine love for music, Finster has made a lasting impact on the Northern Michigan community and the radio industry as a whole. Catch Finster on KLT The Rock Station and join in on the laughter and musical celebration.