Tune in to Dean Berry’s “Smash or Trash” on KLT Radio for a Chance to Win Prizes

Northern Michigan’s very own KLT Radio is the go-to station for rock music enthusiasts of all ages. With a lively mix of classic and contemporary rock, the station keeps the airwaves buzzing and its loyal listeners engaged. One of the station’s most popular segments, “Smash or Trash,” is hosted by the charismatic Dean Berry. Airing at 6:20 pm from Monday to Friday, this interactive and fun-filled segment is a favorite among listeners who are eager to join in on the excitement and win amazing prizes.

“Smash or Trash” – Putting the Latest Rock Hits to the Test

During the “Smash or Trash” segment, Dean Berry plays a new release from one of KLT Radio’s core artists and challenges listeners to decide whether the song is a “Smash Hit” or if it should be “Trashed.” To participate, listeners must call the studio line at 231-941-9558 with their input on whether the song is a SMASH or if it’s TRASH. With only one winner per contest, the stakes are high and the competition is fierce. Be sure to call at the right time, because only the 5th caller is the winner!

Prizes that Rock Your World

Winners of the “Smash or Trash” contest are rewarded with an assortment of fantastic prizes, typically in the form of gift cards to various businesses that sponsor the show. From dining experiences to shopping sprees, the prizes are a perfect way to treat yourself or share your love with friends and family. With the contest occurring every weekday, there are plenty of opportunities to try your luck and snag a prize. Currently, our show is sponsored by The Chateau At Black Mountain.

Experience the Thrill of Live Radio with Dean Berry

Dean Berry’s charismatic presence on KLT Radio has made him a favorite among Northern Michigan’s rock music aficionados. His live show airs from 2 pm to 7 pm, Monday through Friday, keeping the afternoons and early evenings filled with energy, great music, and engaging conversations. The “Smash or Trash” segment is just one of the many exciting features of his show that keep listeners tuned in and eager to participate.

Join the KLT Radio Community and Share Your Love for Rock Music

KLT Radio’s commitment to its listeners goes beyond the airwaves. The station’s website, wklt.com, offers an interactive space where rock music fans can stay informed about upcoming events, discover new artists, and connect with fellow listeners. The site reflects the inclusive and fun-loving spirit of the station, providing a welcoming online community for anyone who shares a passion for rock music.

So, whether you’re a long-time listener or new to the KLT Radio family, be sure to tune in to Dean Berry’s “Smash or Trash” at 6:20 pm, Monday through Friday. You might just walk away with a fantastic prize, and you’ll definitely discover some great new rock tunes along the way. Happy listening, Northern Michigan!