Smokehowl: A Symphony of Collaboration in Michigan’s Music Scene

In the heart of Michigan’s thriving local music scene, the name Smokehowl resonates with a blend of originality and collaborative spirit. This ensemble, more of a joint venture than a band in the conventional sense, came into the limelight when musician Rob Coonrod teamed up with talented individuals to create something unique and captivating.

In February 2020, Rob Coonrod, alongside producer Matt Koeplin, Chelsea Marsh, Shane Brigham, Zeke Clemons, and Brian Arnold, embarked on a musical journey that culminated in the creation of a collaborative album. This album, a mix of original compositions and cover songs, was brought to life at Studio Anatomy, with Brian Chamberlain handling the recording and engineering tasks.

The beauty of Smokehowl lies in its collaborative essence. Each member brought their flavor of musical expertise to the table, making the album a tapestry of diverse musical expressions. The venture didn’t end with the album; Smokehowl continued their collaborative essence well into 2021, releasing several more songs that echoed the same original spirit.

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Smokehowl is not just a band; it’s a narrative of what happens when gifted individuals come together to create something larger than life. Their journey is a testament to the vibrant and collaborative nature of Michigan’s local music scene, which continues to be a fertile ground for musical innovation.

Smokehowl’s tunes reverberate across local venues and online platforms; they carry a story of creativity, collaboration, and the magic that unfolds when passionate musicians come together. They are not just a band; they are a melody of possibilities that encapsulates the essence of Michigan’s musical ethos.

Smokehowl’s story is an inspiring snippet of the broader narrative of Michigan’s music scene, reminding us that when creativity meets collaboration, something truly magical can happen.

Take the chance to dive into the collaborative tunes of Smokehowl as they continue to contribute to the rich tapestry of Michigan’s music narrative – don’t miss Smokehowl on KLT’s Garage at 9pm on Sunday 11/5!