Soul Patch’s Vibrant Journey: A KLT’s Garage Feature

Soul Patch — the name evokes a vibrant blend of styles and genres that has grown to define a band whose roots dig deep into Michigan’s diverse musical soil. Embarking on their creative voyage in Traverse City, this dynamic ensemble has sculpted a unique sound that continues to evolve and delight audiences with its range and depth.

The Genesis of Soul Patch

The ensemble’s genesis traces back to a harmonious meeting between Christopher “Wink” Winkelmann and Mike “Mando” Peck. Their shared passion for music cultivated a partnership that blossomed over the years, transforming a duo into a powerful quintet. The new members, Christopher “CB” Belanger on bass, multi-instrumentalist Adam T. Sleder, and drummer Marc “Animal” Alderman, have each added their distinctive spices to the musical pot that is Soul Patch, simmering on New Year’s Eve 2005 into a delicious sonic stew.

What sets Soul Patch apart from many bands is their refusal to be pigeonholed into a single genre. Instead, they dance to their own rhythmic tune, a diverse symphony of world beat, jazz, reggae, bluegrass, funk, rockabilly, ska, blues, and pure rock ‘n’ roll. This smorgasbord of styles reflects its members’ varied backgrounds and musical passions.

Engaging Performances: No Setlist Required

Their concerts are a lively dialogue between the band and the audience. Instead of rigid setlists, Soul Patch lets the crowd’s energy guide their performance, creating an immersive and engaging experience. This refreshing spontaneity keeps their shows fresh, interactive, and unpredictably fun, ensuring that no two performances are the same.

More Than Just Music

Beyond the music, Soul Patch represents a beacon of positivity and unity. Their mission transcends creating music and ventures into unifying listeners on a harmonious frequency, constructing an interconnected dance ensemble. This sense of unity is woven through each performance, uplifting spirits, and generating a shared, rhythmic heartbeat that resonates with very listener.

Rooted In Michigan:

The band embodies the spirit of Michigan. The members’ individual backgrounds, spanning from Cadillac to Grand Rapids, lend a unique texture to their collective sound. Each song echoes the essence of the Great Lakes, its people’s resilience, and its landscapes’ charm. Their roots remain firmly planted in their home state, a testament to their love for the community that nurtured their growth.


Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Music

Balancing their musical journey with their day-to-day commitments, each member contributes to their community in distinctive ways. Their lives mirror a fascinating blend of the ordinary and the extraordinary, which finds expression in their authentic and relatable music.

Looking Foward: The Future of Soul Patch

Soul Patch’s evolution is a testament to the power of resilience, camaraderie, and shared love for music. Despite the trials and triumphs, they’ve held fast to their shared musical journey. As they step into the future, they carry with them the promise of new music, new experiences, and countless opportunities to stir their fans into a groove.

Join The Journey On KLT’s Garage

So, tune into KLT: The Rock Station’s Garage segment is every Sunday at 9pm, and prepare to embark on a musical journey, presented to you by 258 Tire in Kalaska. As our host Terri Ray unravels their story, music, current endeavors, and future aspirations, you’re sure to feel a connection, becoming part of the band’s unique rhythm for a while.

Remember, a show with Soul Patch is a unique experience, with a new set of songs, a fresh vibe, and a different story each time. We at KLT: The Rock Station and our partners at 258 Tire are thrilled to share this journey with you. As the band members of Soul Patch would likely say, “Get ready to groove!”