A Storied Career Spanning Four Decades

Terri Ray, a familiar voice in Northern Michigan radio, has been a staple at KLT The Rock Station since January 2, 1984. Over the past four decades, both Terri and KLT have grown and evolved together. From its humble beginnings as a 3,000-watt radio station in downtown Kalkaska, KLT has transformed into a Northern Michigan powerhouse based in Traverse City, broadcasting on three signals that reach from coast to coast.

From Overnights to Middays: Terri’s Journey on KLT

Terri has held various time slots at KLT over the years, starting with overnights, then moving to evenings and the morning show. For the last 35 of her nearly 40 years at KLT, Terri has been hosting middays, including the incredibly popular “Lunch at the Leetsville Cafe” every weekday at noon. This all-request hour is a Northern Michigan original, and Terri credits the show’s success to the station’s dedicated and humorous listeners.

Spotlighting Northern Michigan Talent: KLT’s Garage

Every Sunday night at 9 PM, Terri hosts “KLT’s Garage,” a feature that showcases the incredible musical talents of Northern Michigan bands. The idea for this show was inspired by KLT’s “Northern Michigan Rocks” CDs released in the 1990s, which led to local band showcases at the Leelanau Sands Casino Showroom. Record company representatives served as judges during these events, and the top bands were sent into the studio to record songs for the CDs. After the release of Volume 5, KLT decided to turn the showcases into a weekly radio feature, giving birth to “KLT’s Garage.”

A Multifaceted Role: Program Director at KLT

As Program Director, Terri wears many hats at KLT, handling responsibilities such as music scheduling, promotions, production, station imaging, commercial production, air staff assignments, live appearances, and more. Terri’s passion for her job is evident, and she takes great care to acknowledge her colleagues, including Omelette, Finster, and Rick Coates of the KLT morning show, and veteran rock specialist Dean Berry in the afternoon.

A New Chapter: KLT’s Ownership Under Midwestern Broadcasting

Approximately three years ago, KLT’s ownership transitioned to Midwestern Broadcasting, a move that Terri likens to winning the lottery. She is full of praise for the entire company, particularly General Manager Chris Warren, whom she describes as beyond compare.

Life Outside of the Studio: Terri’s Hobbies and Interests

In her free time, Terri is an avid pickleball enthusiast, encouraging others to try the sport if they haven’t already. She also enjoys hiking with her dog Sven, participating in game nights with her housemate Jeff, and spending time kayaking, tubing, and swimming. Terri has a close-knit circle of friends and is grateful for the opportunity to live and work in the beautiful region of Northern Michigan.

Terri Ray: A Pillar of KLT and the Northern Michigan Community

Terri Ray’s dedication to KLT and her listeners has made her an invaluable part of the station’s success, contributing to KLT’s status as the highest-rated radio station in its region. Tune in to Terri Ray on KLT The Rock Station weekdays from 10 AM to 2 PM, and experience the passion and enthusiasm she brings to the airwaves every day.

A Legacy of Passion, Humor, and Connection

As Terri Ray’s career at KLT The Rock Station approaches its 40th anniversary, her impact on the station and its listeners cannot be overstated. With her dedication, humor, and genuine connection to the Northern Michigan community, Terri has played a significant role in shaping KLT into the highly-rated radio station it is today.

As the host of the beloved “Lunch at the Leetsville Cafe” and “KLT’s Garage,” Terri has not only entertained her listeners but also provided a platform for local talent to shine. Her commitment to promoting local bands and fostering a sense of community among her listeners demonstrates her deep love for music and the region she calls home.

Looking to the Future: Terri Ray and KLT The Rock Station

As Terri Ray continues her journey at KLT, her passion for radio and her listeners remains as strong as ever. With her experience and dedication, Terri will undoubtedly continue to make a lasting impact on the Northern Michigan community and the radio industry.

Whether you’re a long-time listener or a newcomer to KLT The Rock Station, Terri Ray’s engaging and entertaining presence is a constant reminder of the power of radio to connect people through music and shared experiences. Be sure to catch Terri Ray on KLT weekdays from 10 AM to 2 PM, and join her in celebrating the incredible world of rock music and the vibrant Northern Michigan community.