The Distant Stars: Rock N’ Roll Dies With Us

When Michigan’s Sunday nights call for a stirring dose of vibrant rock n’ roll, KLT’s Garage reverberates with the power chords and energetic drum solos of the local bands it hosts. However, this coming Sunday, the stage isn’t just for another rock band; it’s reserved for a group of inter-dimensional beings chosen by the rock n’ roll gods – The Distant Stars. KLT’s Garage, our beloved Sunday night special, serves as a platform for promising local talents, showcasing their music to the passionate rock-loving populace of Michigan. This program, sponsored by 258 Tire, fosters a vibrant atmosphere where artists can interact with their audience and captivate them with their unique sound. You can visit 258 Tire and learn more about their great services by visiting their website.

The Distant Stars: Michigan’s Own Light-Speed Musicians

So, who are The Distant Stars, you might ask? Picture this – a blend of funky, sexy, and strange rock n’ roll orchestrated by beings on a mission to spread infinite love and shenanigans across the Earth. Doesn’t it already sound like a wild and whimsical journey? Well, it certainly is. The band features four unique members, each with groovy talents and an inexplicable bond with their instruments. Jakey Thomas, the flamboyant frontman, is the band’s soul, radiating love and a hint of madness with his vocals and guitar play. With his wild child aura, Tai Drury brings forth a fusion of guitar riffs, speaking in a language only his strings understand. The quiet yet mystifying Andy Fettig spins magic with his synth and bass, occasionally surprising the crowd with a trumpet. Lastly, Al Riesenbeck, the father figure, paints rhythmic masterpieces on his drum set, dabbling with samplers and keys.
Inspired by greats like Elvis, Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, and Prince, The Distant Stars has carved a unique space for themselves in the music scene. Their larger-than-life performances, unpredictable energy, and regular instrument-switching routines make for a captivating spectacle, a true homage to the raw power of the 60s and 70s rock n’ roll shows. Despite their provocative style, The Distant Stars have left their audiences feeling entertained and connected, like they were part of something bigger. This ability to connect has created a loyal fan base eager to embark on this musical journey with them.

The stage is set, the amps are buzzing, and the drums are waiting for the beat. It’s time for Traverse City and the whole of Michigan to tune in to KLT’s Garage this Sunday at 9 pm and witness The Distant Stars in their full glory. Let us experience a show that promises to be as intriguing as enchanting, provocative, and captivating. The Distant Stars isn’t just a band but a cosmic journey. Are you ready to join?

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