This Sunday night on KLT’s Garage, host Terri Ray is set to roll out the red carpet for The Gasoline Gypsies, a high-octane, Detroit-based band known for their vintage rock and roll sound, fueled by a blend of blues and southern rock influences. With their hard-hitting rhythms and captivating melodies, The Gasoline Gypsies are ready to fire up the airwaves and ignite a roots rock revolution for KLT listeners.


The Gasoline Gypsies are a band that thrives on the raw energy of rock and roll, drawing inspiration from the roots of the genre while infusing their music with a modern twist. Adept at creating a powerful resonance that moves souls and incites bodies into motion, the band’s music pays homage to the past while keeping a keen eye on a future ripe with fresh, unique sounds that resonate with the heart of rock and roll​.

The band’s lineup includes Neal Love on vocals and guitar, Steve Briere on vocals and guitar, and Caleb Malooley as the lead vocalist, guitarist, and harmonica player​. Their combined talents create a dynamic musical synergy that showcases dual lead guitar work, melodic bass lines, crisp three-part harmonies, and hard-hitting drums. Each performance is a reverent tribute to the roots of rock and roll, celebrating the genre’s rich history while shaping its future​.


The Gasoline Gypsies have seen significant growth in recent years, earning recognition far beyond their Michigan roots. They’ve won five major Detroit Music Awards, were named one of the three “Best Unsigned American Bands” by JBL Sound, and won the 2017 Michigan State Fair Superstar Contest. Their music has found a home in regular radio rotation outside the Midwest, most notably in the Triangle Markets of the Carolinas​.

Their most recent EP, Vagabundos, has ignited their loyal fan base, the dedicated “Vagabundos,” who embody a sense of community that bonds over shared experiences and the sweet, sweet music that The Gasoline Gypsies produce​.


This weekend, The Gasoline Gypsies will bring their unique brand of vintage rock and roll to KLT’s Garage. From their crisp harmonies to their driving guitar riffs, their music is intense yet simple, powerful yet honest, offering KLT listeners an unforgettable musical experience​.

Tune in to hear the band’s songs, learn about their creative process, and discover their inspirations. If you’re intrigued by what you hear on the radio show, you can explore The Gasoline Gypsies’ music further by visiting their Bandsintown page and their SoundCloud account.

Don’t miss the chance to hear The Gasoline Gypsies on KLT’s Garage this weekend, as they share their passion for music and set the stage for a roots rock revolution. Keep up with their latest releases, live shows, and other exciting news by following them on social media and checking their Bandsintown page. With their powerful sound and undeniable talent, The Gasoline Gypsies are a Michigan gem just beginning to shine on the national stage.


In the heart of Detroit, a city known for its rich musical history, The Gasoline Gypsies are continuing the legacy of the city’s legendary rock and roll scene. With their potent blend of vintage rock and blues, they are following in the footsteps of Detroit legends such as The Rockets, Alice Cooper, the Amboy Dukes, Ted Nugent, and Mitch Ryder, while carving out their own unique path​.

The band’s vintage sound is reminiscent of the classic rock of the 1960s and 1970s, evoking the raw power and emotion of bands like The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. Yet The Gasoline Gypsies are more than just a retro act. They’re a band that’s firmly rooted in the present, constantly pushing the boundaries of their music and exploring new

directions with their artistry. Their powerful performances and distinctive sound have earned them a reputation as one of the best unsigned American bands, a distinction that speaks volumes about their talent and potential​.

Their music echoes the traditional field hollers and work songs that shaped early blues music, with a strong, pulsating beat that recalls the rhythm and blues of the Mississippi Delta. Yet there’s an edge to their sound, a raw power that harks back to the birth of rock music in the United States, when pioneers like Alan Freed first merged the high-energy sound of rock with the deep, soulful grooves of the blues​.

Fans of classic blues artists like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and Robert Johnson will find much to appreciate in The Gasoline Gypsies’ music, which honors the legacy of these blues legends while injecting a fresh, contemporary perspective. The band’s lead guitarist, Chris Smith, brings the blues to life with his fiery, passionate performances, channeling the spirit of these classic blues artists and translating it into the language of modern rock and roll.

Legendary Storytellers

The Gasoline Gypsies are not just musicians; they’re storytellers, weaving tales of life, love, and the human experience into their songs. Their lyrics are filled with mature themes and poetic language, reflecting the depth of their artistic vision and their commitment to creating music that resonates on a deep, emotional level. Whether they’re playing an intimate acoustic set or a high-energy rock show, The Gasoline Gypsies are masters of their craft, creating music that is at once timeless and distinctly their own​.

As we look towards the future, there’s no doubt that The Gasoline Gypsies will continue to make their mark on the world of rock and roll. With their undeniable talent, innovative approach to music, and deep respect for the roots of the genre, they’re poised to lead the next generation of rock musicians into uncharted territory. And as they do, they’ll continue to create music that speaks to the heart, moves the soul, and, most importantly, rocks the house.

Don’t Miss The Gasoline Gypsies On KLT’s Garage, Sunday May 21st.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan of vintage rock and roll, a blues aficionado, or just a lover of great music, don’t miss the chance to catch The Gasoline Gypsies on KLT’s Garage. Tune in, turn up the volume, and get ready to rock out with one of the most exciting bands on the scene today. This is a band that’s going places, and you definitely want to be along for the ride.