Introducing “The Revolution With Jim And Trav” on WKLT

KLT, your favorite radio station, is proud to host the syndicated program “The Revolution With Jim And Trav”! This outdoors-focused show is not a direct property of WKLT, but we’re delighted to bring this exciting and informative program to our audience. If you’re a hunting, fishing, or outdoor enthusiast, this show is the perfect addition to your weekly listening lineup.

About “The Revolution With Jim And Trav”

“The Revolution With Jim And Trav” is a popular outdoor radio show and podcast that covers a wide range of topics related to hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors. Hosted by Jim and Trav Ferguson, this dynamic duo has been entertaining and educating outdoor enthusiasts for over 17 years. Their passion for the outdoors and extensive knowledge and experiences make “The Revolution With Jim And Trav” a must-listen for anyone who loves spending time in nature.

Diverse Topics to Keep You Engaged

One of the many reasons “The Revolution With Jim And Trav” has garnered such a loyal following is the diverse topics covered in each episode. There’s something for everyone, from big game hunting and angling adventures to wildlife conservation and outdoor survival. Listeners can expect in-depth discussions on hunting techniques, gear reviews, interviews with industry experts, and much more. The show’s content is engaging and educational, making it an ideal resource for novice and experienced outdoorsmen and women.

Expert Guests and Industry Insights

“The Revolution With Jim And Trav” frequently features interviews with renowned experts in the outdoor industry. These guest appearances offer listeners valuable insights and advice from professionals in various fields, including hunting, fishing, conservation, and outdoor survival. By incorporating these interviews into their programming, Jim and Trav ensure that their audience has access to the latest trends, tips, and developments within the outdoor community.

A Passionate and Engaging Host Duo

Jim and Trav Ferguson are not only passionate about the outdoors, but they also have a genuine love for sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. Their enthusiasm and expertise are evident in each episode of “The Revolution With Jim And Trav.” The hosts’ friendly banter and engaging storytelling create a welcoming atmosphere that keeps listeners coming back for more. Their dedication to providing entertaining and informative content is a key reason why “The Revolution With Jim And Trav” has become a staple for outdoor enthusiasts.

Join the Revolution Community

By tuning in to “The Revolution With Jim And Trav” on WKLT, you’re not only gaining access to valuable outdoor knowledge but also joining a supportive and passionate community of fellow outdoor enthusiasts. The show’s website,, offers additional resources, such as blog posts, videos, and an archive of previous episodes. You can also connect with Jim, Trav, and fellow listeners through the show’s social media channels, providing an excellent opportunity to share your own outdoor experiences and learn from others.

Tune In and Experience the Outdoors Like Never Before

If you’re looking to expand your outdoor knowledge, connect with like-minded individuals, and stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends, “The Revolution With Jim And Trav” on WKLT is the perfect addition to your listening lineup. With their engaging personalities, a diverse range of topics, and commitment to providing valuable information, Jim and Trav have created a show that truly stands out in the world of outdoor radio programming.

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